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Oklahoma Athletics Plus  - - - - is a program developed to promote participation among students in the    sport of "Athletics" (Track & Field and Cross Country) in the state of Oklahoma.     Ranked high on the list of importance for Oklahoma Athletics Plus (OAP) programs    and activities is the training and competition based “ENDURO Slogan for success”:                                Always Moving Forward guided by Reality and Respect Equally important is the goal for all Oklahoma Athletics Plus programs and activities, which is - - -                             ENDURO Health  - - - a life-long race for long-term health OAP programs and activities include:  Summer Track-USA™, Run Cross Country-USA™, Run Plus     and OAP-Championship Competition. The three program coordinators / advisors for the Oklahoma Athletics Plus™ program have nearly  60 years of combined experience competing and/or coaching in the sport of youth "Athletics".                                                                                                  The information below introduces Oklahoma Athletics Plus - Championship Competition.  -  -  -                                           In progress is the effort to sponsor qualified Oklahoma high school students who can participate in   the YES-Athletics Youth Indoor Championships -- February 16-18, 2018 -- in Pittsburg, Kansas --   at the University's new 300m indoor Track & Field facility. The following is student criteria for acceptance into "Oklahoma Athletics - Championship Competition":   (1)  Character   (2)  Academics   (3)  Experience   (4)  Performance Each student's school coach (with the approval of the student's parents) must recommend the student for acceptance in "Oklahoma Athletics - Championships Competition".  Students who are accepted will become a member of the "Oklahoma Athletics Team".  (Parents must agree to the "Parent Contract".) The program coordinators will evaluate each student that has been recommended and decide the number of students that can be accepted for the anticipated competition.  (Their decisions are final.) Students who are not accepted on the "Oklahoma Athletics Team" are eligible to participate in the local programs offered as part of OAP throughout the year when they are not in competition with their school sports program(s). (Students are not allowed to participate on the Oklahoma Athletics Team during the “school sports season”.) For more information and links to other Oklahoma Athletics Plus programs and activities please return to this webpage during March (2018).  Updates can also be found on the ENDURO USA website. www.endurousa.com “Oklahoma Athletics Team” members must be current members of Youth ENUDRO Sports (YES-Athletics).
Oklahoma Athletics Plus  Always Moving Forward guided by Reality and Respect
Always Moving Forward guided by Reality and Respect™ - - - while Simply Having Fun™